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Electric Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a system for submitting your treatment claims to the DPD electronically.

The advantages of using EDI
What you will need to use EDI
How EDI works
To obtain your Starter Pack

Using EDI in Merlin Professional

How to specify the EDI Machine

IMPORTANT: Please consult Merlin Support before carrying out this procedure

How to setup Merlin Professional to use EDI

You are now ready to use EDI

Before you start using EDI, you should read the 'EDI User Guide' supplied by the DPD

NOTE: Following conversations with the DPD, it would appear that the DPD system does not conform to the DPD's own EDI specifications when dealing with PFTR. You should, therefore, note PFTR in the ‘Observations’ part of the NHS Claim Options form. (Do NOT select the ‘Patient failed to return’ option on the ‘Type of Claim’ drop-down menu).

Treatments should be entered using the Clinical Charting system within Merlin. The DPD will reject codes which are not wholly numeric, e.g. you can no longer use code 0201b for 2 small x-rays (see below).

The following are the correct methods for entering specific treatments. You may find it necessary to change the details on your treatment buttons. For details of how to do this, consult the Clinical section in the Merlin Tutorial.

Patients under 18 years of age
Partial Dentures (incl Chrome)
Full Dentures
How to prepare EDI Transmissions
Sending & Receiving EDI Transmissions
Saving and Viewing the Error Log
Renaming the Error Log

You can now correct the errors and re-transmit the claim

The Merlin/EDI Folder

The received folder shows three types of file:

View EDI Reports
The different types of EDI reports

There are four types of EDI Report:

Rejected EDI Transmissions
Rejected Treatment Courses

C:\Program Files\Merlin Professional\EDI