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Are you about to invest in I.T?

Whatever the size of your dental practice, it is probable that one day you will computerise.If your practice is planning to purchase a computer system, please take good look at Merlin Professional - it won't cost you a penny to install and to evaluate.

If you would like a full demonstration of Merlin Professional, we would be happy to visit your practice to demonstrate what Merlin can do for you.

Once you decide to use Merlin Professional you can register using the on-line registration process - and it still won't cost you anything immediately (you get up to two months use FREE before your first payment). If you decide to use Merlin Professional, the cost will depend on the number of computers using the program (click here for costs).

If, at any time, you decide to stop using Merlin Professional, you can cancel your subscription just by cancelling your standing order mandate. With Merlin Professional you are not tied in to a long-term contract, so it really does remove the risky investment factor.

Merlin in a Nutshell

Merlin Professional has all the functions a dental practice will use, packed for ease of use and flexibility. Merlin's straightforward approach makes it easy to learn, so even beginners to computing and new staff pick it up quickly.Designed to work with other Windows applications, which you may already have, we are convinced that Merlin Professional is the easiest Microsoft Windows-compatible system in Britain. Of course different practices have different needs. After working with practitioners throughout Scotland, we have adopted a simple, yet unique, philosophy:

"What you need is what you get!"

Practical Features vs 'Featuritis'

Many companies stuff their software with things a dentist in Scotland will rarely use. Others provide features such as word processors, which are not a patch on the applications they replace. We call this 'featuritis'.Merlin Professional is a practical, real world addition to your dental practice. Whilst it is feature-packed, it does not suffer from 'featuritis'. We know that each practice has its individual needs, but we also know that there is no point in paying for things you don't need or might never use.Perhaps the single most important benefit of Merlin Professional is that you can start with a reception-based system, then add on more as your needs grow and you become more familiar with Merlin.Whether you are considering a single user reception-based system, or are looking for an all singing, all dancing, networked clinical application, you will find Merlin Professional:


Merlin Professional's features include:

Hardware/Software Requirements

(minimum requirements):

Merlin Professional Costs
Reception Surgery Cost
1 - £ 55.00
1 1 £ 66.00
1 2 £121.00
1 3 £176.00
2 1 £ 77.00
2 2 £132.00
2 3 £187.00

Prices are subject to V.A.T. at the current rate of 20%

For a quote for a different network, please e-mail: info@computersurgery.com

Download your evaluation copy of Merlin Professional

Merlin Professional has been developed in Scotland for Scottish dentists.The program can, however, be used by private practices throughout the U.K.

A single-user version of Merlin Professional is available for evaluation. This program is a fully working version of Merlin, containing all features, but limited to 20 patients.

Click here to download** an evaluation copy of Merlin Professional or Contact Us by telephone, e-mail or post to request your evaluation copy of Merlin on CD.

**Whilst computersurgery.com has taken all precautions to ensure that the software on this page is virus-free and works within the appropriate standard Windows environments, we cannot, however, take responsibility for the stability and/or reliability of your own systems and you, therefore, download and use Merlin Professional at your own risk.